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We Conduct Professional Conveyancing in Noosa 

First-time home buyers probably won’t be aware of the importance of having a conveyancer help navigate the transaction. However, if you’re selling a property, you would understand that the process of buying or selling a house is complex. For this reason, it’s advisable to trust a professional with conveyancing in Noosa.

What You Should Know About Conveyancing in Noosa

There are several steps to the conveyancing settlement process that entails strict time frames. To avoid jeopardising the sale, a legal practitioner manages the transaction on your behalf, sometimes sending you reminders about deadlines. This is the general version of the process:

  • The selling agent or solicitor draws up the contract of sale, which details all rights and obligations of both parties. This document contains relevant information such as price, buyer and seller names, property specs, and conditions for the transaction. A buyer pays a holding deposit to secure the property, which is refundable when the contract goes through. After the exchange, you may have to pay a property deposit, usually ten percent of the total cost. 

  • The cooling-off period commences where there’s still room to ‘back out’ of the contract, however, this is the time to inspect the property for pests and other contaminants. The buyer’s conveyancer then prepares a transfer of property document which the buyer will sign. You’d have to pay a one-off tax by state and territory governments which we refer to as stamp duty or transfer duty.

  • The buyer must take out the necessary insurance from the settlement date. The time between the purchase and settlement varies but could take between 30 and 90 days. The buyer can send a list of formal questions about the property to the seller. The conveyancer does a final search to identify any defects while the seller finalises their home loan payment.

  • Before the process ends, the conveyancer calculates adjustments up until the date of settlement, and the last step is the buyer agreeing to settle the bill from the seller.

Tips Regarding Conveyancing in Noosa

Several conveyancers exist in the region, which is why you should take extra care in selecting a suitable legal practitioner.

  • When buying or selling a house, you scrutinise every financial decision. You should do the same with a conveyancer. Find a professional that suits your budget by requesting quotes from various solicitors. 

  • Ask the conveyancer about the services they provide with their quotation. Not every firm takes on the same work so it’s wise to have this in writing before you begin.

  • Communication is key in this collaboration. You must trust the solicitor to constantly inform you and provide updates regarding the status of the process. If you’re unsure about anything, your legal representative should answer your questions. 

About Bush to Beach LEGAL

We are a reputable conveyancing firm servicing Noosa, but thanks to the implementation of technology via e-conveyancing, we can assist you with a property transaction anywhere in Queensland. Our Principal Solicitor, Luke Gould is a member of the Queensland Law Society and the Supreme Court of Queensland. 

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