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Wills & Estate Planning

Have you made a Will? Is it something on your to-do-list that you just haven’t got around to yet?

An important aspect of life-planning is securing the financial future of your family by making a valid Will and appointing a Power of Attorney. We can help you navigate the process with a simplified, stress-free, yet professional approach that will enable you to be well informed and prepared for the future.

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What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document which sets out how a person (the testator) intends to distribute their assets after their death. The most important part of making a Will is meeting the necessary legal requirements to ensure that it is valid.

If a Will is found to be invalid after a person’s death, their assets and debts will be distributed using a predetermined formula. This is the same process that would apply if you had not made a Will.

When you make a Will, it must be in writing; be signed by the testator in the presence of two or more witnesses; and must include the witnesses’ signatures.


Why You Need a Will?

A common misconception is that dying without a valid Will in place is not really such a big deal! However, this is certainly not the case, particularly if you think of your family, friends and loved ones, who are left behind to navigate what you would have liked to occur with your personal assets, and to determine what your final wishes would have perhaps been.

If you die without a valid will it is called ‘dying intestate’. There are set rules to decide who gets your assets. These rules apply to everyone and do not consider an individual’s wishes or situation.

Regardless of whether you have a little or a lot in terms of personal assets and wealth, it is important that you address and outline your wishes with a Will, ensuring that your wishes are fulfilled in accordance with what you actually want rather than what is speculated.

Local, Cost Effective Wills & Estate Planning on the Sunshine Coast

With our experienced Wills and Estate lawyers ready and willing to assist with Wills, powers of attorney, binding death benefit nominations, advance health directives, complex estate planning and estate administration and dispute options, Bush to Beach Legal can help with all of your Wills and estate’s needs.

With strong community minded values, local knowledge and our empathetic and approachable manner, setting us apart from our city counterparts, engage your local experts for quality, cost effective legal advice and solutions.

Why Choose Bush to Beach Legal?

Sunshine Coast Wills & Estate Planning

Bush to Beach Legal have years of experience in assisting with Wills and Estate Planning matters, including deceased estates. Our experienced and diligent team offer cost effective, timely document preparation, that is in accordance with your instructions, but also is compliant with Australian Legislation.

Our professional and personable service offers the ultimate peace of mind and assurance to clients who can rest easy knowing their affairs are in perfect order.

My partner and I have worked with Luke as a solicitor for the sale of two properties and purchase of our new home. He has been friendly and efficient with his communication on all occasions and ensured we fully understood the process to be undertaken each time. I would highly recommend Luke and Bush to Beach Legal to anyone in need of a solicitor.

Rhiannon Noosa, Sunshine Coast

Luke was professional from the start. He was very prompt and efficient in dealing with issues during the conveyancing of the sale of my mother's property. He was always approachable and flexible in providing alternative arrangements, if required. We would be more than happy to refer him onto others.

Kim Nambour, Sunshine Coast

I have used Luke for both purchasing and selling of our properties. His professionalism and easy to understand advice and details made the whole process very easy and stress free. He was very easy to contact and happy to answer all my questions during the process. I would recommend Luke to all needing his services.

Mick Maroochydore, Sunshine Coast

We've used Luke's services for a number of real estate properties, both buying and selling. He does an amazing job. We feel so confident having Luke in our corner. He has a wealth of knowledge and steps you through the process. Couldn't speak more highly of him as a person and in his professional capacity. A+++++

Peter Caloundra, Sunshine Coast

Luke is amazing. As a first home buyer I had no idea the process and what I needed to do from a legal standpoint. Luke is extremely knowledgeable, while also being calm, straight forward, and navigates the home buying process with ease. Nothing ever felt like a big deal, even though there were some big hurdles. Luke is very responsive, and was able to answer all my questions throughout the process, and ensure my interests were protected.

Kim Palmview, Sunshine Coast


There are some significant benefits associated with using an experienced attorney to help you with your estate and will planning, such as the team at Bush to Beach Legal. One of the primary benefits of working with our dedicated and experienced team is that you can look forward to a much smoother, uncomplicated process Here are just some of the benefits:

When you use a lawyer to help you with your estate and will documentation, you know that you have continuous assistance from them when necessary. These documents are not a once-off draft and may be updated a few times, depending on which circumstances surround them. This way, you know your legal team will make any necessary updates accordingly.

Speaking of necessary updates, when you turn to professionals for help with your will, you know that they will use the correct wording. We will professionally draft all the necessary documents and include all the relevant information in the appropriate legal terms. We will also obtain all the required signatures and provide any guidance you need.

When you use a legal professional to draft a will, you know that it will comply with any current law and requirements. You as an individual may not possess the knowledge or experience required to adequately draft one of these within legal parameters and cause your family much heartache and stress after you pass away.

When it comes to deceased estates, this is a time where you need expert advice, but also a lawyer who is empathetic and understanding to the current situation you are presented with. Whether you are the executor of the estate and need professional assistance to complete a Probate Application, or you are a beneficiary of an estate seeking advice on your entitlements and the process involved, having an experienced, understanding, empathetic lawyer can make the world of difference to an already tough and challenging situation.

Trying to complete the administration of a deceased estate can also lead to greater incidences of conflict. It is a stressful process, particularly for those who may never have completed or been part of such a process before. It is certainly a matter that is far less stressful when dealt with by competent, experienced professionals.

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