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We take the stress out of buying and selling property in Brisbane with our fixed-fee conveyancing services.

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The Conveyancing Process for Buyers

Free Initial Contract Review

So, you’ve discovered your perfect property and want to make an offer. What’s next? A contract review.

Providing us with a copy of the proposed Contract of Sale ensures that you understand exactly what you are getting into. We will undertake a thorough evaluation of the contract, carefully analysing any special conditions, property reports, and informing you of any restrictions associated with the property, such as easements.

We execute this process fast, taking into account the highly competitive nature of the property market, and it can be done in as little as 24 hours.


As part of the pre-settlement process, our Brisbane conveyancers will do a title search to check that the vendor’s name matches the name recorded on the property title, as well as to determine whether any current restrictions apply.

We will also request other papers that will provide you with information on zoning and planning, Queensland Roads proposals, land and water levies, and previously issued building licences.

Contract of Sale

Whether you’re a buyer or seller, the contract of sale is the most significant document in the conveyancing procedure. It outlines the terms and conditions agreed upon by the vendor and you.

Once your offer is approved and you have signed the contract, we will begin the conveyancing process.


This relates to any rates, taxes, current leases, or outgoings that must be changed so that you are only liable for costs beginning with the settlement date. Adjustments are then subtracted or added to the total amount owing.


If you are getting financing to buy your property, we will work with your bank or credit union to organise settlement and supply them with any necessary documentation to ensure that your mortgage documents are prepared in a timely way prior to settlement.

Final Inspection

You have the right to do a final inspection of the property within the seven days preceding settlement, however it is recommended that you do it as close to settlement as feasible.

We strongly advise all of our clients to make time to attend a final inspection of the property, which must be arranged with the selling agent.


The date of settlement is specified in the contract. It is usually only attended by both parties’ financial and legal representatives and is now performed electronically via the electronic conveyancing network PEXA.

Your Brisbane conveyancer will notify you as soon as they obtain confirmation that the settlement has been concluded.


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The Conveyancing Process for Sellers

Our step-by step guide to selling your Brisbane property will provide information so you can better understand the conveyancing process. The general process for selling a property, is outlined below.


You must draft a Contract of Sale before you can put your house up for sale. A number of important documents will need to be sourced in order to compile these documents, including;

  • an inspection report if you made renovations to your property within the six and a half years prior to the sale. This will help the buyer be aware of any faults.
  • copies of the water notifications and tariffs that your local Brisbane City council has sent you. It is crucial that the contract fully discloses to prospective buyers all relevant information about the property, including outgoings costs.

Our conveyancers will conduct property searches to gather more precise property information after you have submitted all of the above documents.

Some of these additional searches may include:

  • Title search. 
  • Copy of plans which will include precise measurements to the borders of the land as well as a description of any easements or restrictions that may apply.
  • Property reports include information on heritage limitations, whether your property is in a region at risk of flooding or bushfires, and whether the state road authority has any plans for the area around your property.

Contract of Sale

The contract of sale is the most important document in the conveyancing process since it details the terms and conditions agreed upon by the buyer and you. It must be in written and signed by all parties concerned with the purchaser signing first.

When you list your property on the market, your real estate agent will be given a blank marketing contract to distribute to potential buyers.

Once a purchaser makes an offer and you accept it, the terms and conditions of the offer, such as the purchase price and any special circumstances, will be added to the contract. When signing the form, the purchaser will often fill in details such as the sale price and settlement date.

The purchaser may request that the contract include special conditions such as ‘subject to finance’ or ‘subject to a building and inspection‘. This signifies that the sale will only proceed if the conditions are met. For example, if the buyer’s financing has not been unconditionally authorised, a ‘subject to finance’ clause allows them to terminate the contract without penalty if their loan application is denied. These unique restrictions are extremely frequent, and you, as the seller, must agree to them as part of the terms of the sale.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Conveyancing in Brisbane?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring property ownership from one party to another. Bush to Beach Legal have an expert team of solicitors and conveyancers who perform a range of legal and administrative tasks to ensure a smooth property transaction.

2. Why do I need a conveyancer in Brisbane?

A conveyancer in Brisbane is essential to handle the complex legal requirements of property transactions when buying and selling. We ensure that the process is legally binding and that all necessary paperwork is completed accurately and on time.

3. How much do conveyancing services in Brisbane typically cost?

Conveyancing costs in Brisbane can vary based on factors like property value and the complexity of the transaction. At Bush to Beach Legal we offer Fixed Fee Conveyancing so you don’t get any unnecessary surprises at settlement.

4. Do you offer conveyancing services across Queensland?

Yes, we assist clients throughout Queensland with their conveyancing needs. Our services cover property conveyancing in Brisbane and across the state, including the Sunshine Coast, the Gold Coast, Toowoomba, and both northern and central rural areas. Whether you’re buying or selling anywhere in Queensland, our processes are tailored to serve our clients equally well, whether they are in Brisbane or regional areas.

At Bush to Beach Legal, our expertise and dedication to customer service make the conveyancing process in Queensland simple and stress-free. Our North Brisbane location provides us with valuable connections. It’s important to note that the cost of property Title searches for Rates and Water may vary across different locations in the state.

5. What documents are involved in the conveyancing process?

Depending on the type of property being purchased or sold, there can be a range of documents involved in Brisbane conveyancing. But the main documents include the contract of sale, title search and transfer documents. There will also be various other forms required by the local Brisbane council and authorities.

6. How long does the conveyancing process in Brisbane usually take?

The conveyancing process in Brisbane can take several weeks. Timelines will vary based on factors such as the complexity of the transaction, legal requirements, and any issues that may arise during the conveyancing and settlement process.

7. Do I need to be present in person for conveyancing in Brisbane?

Generally, you don’t need to be present in person for conveyancing in Brisbane. Bush to Beach Legal are a member of PEXA which provides safe and secure electronic conveyancing. Communication between our team can be done electronically via email or over the phone. Alternatively, we do have offices in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast.

8. What is a settlement date, and how is it determined?

The settlement date is the day when the property officially changes hands. It is determined during negotiations and is typically agreed upon by both the buyer and seller. It’s important to meet this date to avoid legal complications.

9. Are there any government fees or taxes associated with Brisbane conveyancing?

Yes, there are government fees and taxes such as stamp duty that are typically payable during the conveyancing process. Our expert Brisbane conveyancers can provide details on these all of these costs.

10. What happens if a problem arises during the conveyancing process?

If any issues or disputes arise, your expert Brisbane conveyancer at Bush to Beach Legal will work to resolve them. They can provide legal advice and guidance to help overcome obstacles that may occur.

11. Can I choose my own conveyancer in Brisbane?

Yes, you have the freedom to choose your own conveyancer in Brisbane. It’s advisable to select a licensed and experienced professional to ensure a smooth property transaction. Bush to Beach Legal are an expert team of fully qualified and licenced solicitors and conveyancers.

12. Are you part of the Queensland Law Society?

Yes, Bush to Beach Legal is a proud member of the Queensland Law Society. Our team consists of qualified Solicitors, each holding current practising certificates, specialising in delivering top-tier guidance in property law. We are fully insured, ensuring peace of mind for our clients. Our Solicitors are equipped to provide counsel on legal matters extending beyond your conveyancing needs, should you require such assistance.

Why Should I Choose Bush to Beach Legal?

At Bush to Beach Legal, our goal is to simplify your property sale or purchase, making it a stress-free experience. Our clients consistently appreciate our affordable, efficient, and friendly service.

What sets us apart from other Conveyancing Solicitors in Brisbane? We embrace a forward-thinking, modern approach to provide top-quality legal services. Our cost-effective conveyancing offers the same or even higher levels of customer service, with all legal requirements meticulously addressed, compared to other standard packages that come at a higher price.

We pride ourselves on being approachable and transparent – our terms and conditions are easy to understand.

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Where should I invest in property in Brisbane?

Thinking of Investing in Brisbane?

Brisbane is undeniably a prime destination for property investment in Queensland. The city’s selection as the host for the 2032 Brisbane Olympics is a testament to its global significance and the opportunities it offers for real estate investors. This world-wide event will bring substantial infrastructural development, further enhancing the city’s appeal to both residents and tourists.

With a consistently strong and diversified economy, Brisbane offers a stable environment for property investment, ensuring a steady demand for housing. The city’s expanding population and its reputation as a major business hub in Australia create a robust rental market, making it an ideal choice for buy-to-rent investors.

Brisbane’s enviable lifestyle, vibrant cultural scene, and beautiful natural surroundings make it a highly desirable place to live, driving property appreciation. All in all, investing in property in Brisbane not only promises attractive returns but also positions you to benefit from the significant opportunities arising from the Brisbane 2032 Olympics and the city’s ongoing growth.

Where to invest in Brisbane?

Brisbane is home to a range of neighbourhoods and suburbs that hold promise for property investors. The choice of the ideal location hinges on individual investment goals, financial considerations, and personal preferences. Have you considered some of the below areas to invest?

Brisbane CBD: is ideal for investors seeking high rental yields and strong capital growth. Brisbane’s central business district is a hub for employment, entertainment and Queensland Culture whilst offering a range of apartments and commercial properties. Some suburbs include Fortitude Valley, Newstead, Toowong and Coorparoo.

South Brisbane: With its’ close proximity to the Brisbane CBD, this popular area has cultural attractions and prestigious Educational institutions such as the University of Queensland. South Brisbane is known for luxury apartments and riverfront properties.

West End: is an upcoming trendy and vibrant neighbourhood appealing to a younger demographic. It offers a mix of apartment living and heritage homes. It’s known for its artistic scene, cafes, and markets whilst being a stone’s throw away from Brisbane City.

New Farm: is known for its beautiful parks, Brisbane riverside dining, and historic heritage-listed properties. The inner-city suburb attracts a range of demographics from families to professionals who are looking for a blend of city and suburban living close to Queensland’s capital city.

North Lakes: Situated in Brisbane’s North is an affordable master-planned community. North Lakes has excellent amenities including shopping centres, dining, schools, and public transport linking the northern suburb with Brisbane. With its affordable prices and proximity to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, It’s fast becoming a popular choice for families. Similar suburbs to consider include Mango Hill, Rothwell, Burpengary, Murrumba Downs, Strathpine, Aspley and Chermside.

When investing in Brisbane property, it’s important to conduct thorough research, consider your investment goals, and assess factors like rental yield, infrastructure developments, and potential for capital growth in your chosen Brisbane area. Consulting with a local real estate agent or conveyancer can also provide valuable insights into the market conditions and the best opportunities available.

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