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What is PEXA, and how does it work?

PEXA is a digital platform that enables the lodgement, registration, and exchange of property ownership documents when buying or selling property in Queensland. The platform is used for conveyancing through traditional real estate agents or when owners sell their homes privately

It is the first online system of its kind in Australia, revolutionising how property transactions are conducted. PEXA allows for a more efficient and streamlined process, as there is no need to exchange physical documents or visit a registry office in person. The platform also offers a secure transaction environment, as all documents are stored electronically and only accessible to authorised users. 

If you’re wondering how PEXA works and its benefits, read on for a complete guide to the conveyancing platform.

What is PEXA?

PEXA stands for Property Exchange Australia and is an electronic platform that streamlines the process of selling and buying property. PEXA is a secure online system that enables the parties involved in a property transaction to complete, lodge, and settle their sale or purchase without the need to attend a physical settlement office.

PEXA is an electronic conveyancing platform that enables the lodgement, registration, and transfer of land titles in Australia. It is a joint venture between eight major financial institutions and state governments and is overseen by the Australian Financial Markets Association (AFMA).

The platform allows users to lodge, register, and transfer online, which reduces the time and costs associated with traditional paper-based methods. The platform is available to all legal practitioners, banks, and other financial institutions registered with AFMA.

PEXA aims to streamline the conveyancing process by reducing face-to-face interactions between parties and eliminating the need for paper documents. The platform also offers a range of security features to protect users’ data.

What is the PEXA Network?

Bush to beach legal conveyancing use the digital PEXA platform.

The PEXA Network is a peer-to-peer electronic network that enables the efficient and secure transfer of property ownership. It is the first network of its kind in Australia, revolutionising how property transactions are conducted.

PEXA provides a single platform for all parties involved in a property transaction to come together and complete the process electronically. This means there is no need for paper documents or manual processes, and transactions can be completed much faster than traditional methods.

The PEXA Network is highly secure, and all data is encrypted. This ensures that only authorised parties can access the information, and it cannot be tampered with.

PEXA is making property transactions more straightforward, faster and more efficient. For example, it is changing how Australians buy and sell property and making it easier for everyone involved in the process.

How does PEXA work?

PEXA is an electronic conveyancing platform that enables the lodgment, settlement and registration of property transactions with Land Registries across Australia.

The PEXA platform simplifies and speeds up the conveyancing process by replacing paper-based forms and processes with electronic ones. This means that property transactions can be completed faster and with less risk of error.

PEXA is a safe and secure platform approved by all Australian state and territory governments and used by banks, lawyers, conveyancers, and other professionals involved in property transactions.

To use PEXA, you must sign up for an account and complete your profile. Once your profile is complete, you can start lodgment, settlement, and registration of your property transaction.

What are the benefits of PEXA?

  • A faster and more efficient process – PEXA enables you to complete the transaction without relying on paper-based documents, which can often be delayed or lost. This speeds up the conveyancing process and helps to reduce stress for all involved.
  • A more secure environment – PEXA uses bank-grade security measures to protect your personal information and financial data. PEXA is a secure platform that protects your data and ensures that only authorised parties can access it. This makes it safer and more reliable than using paper-based methods.
  • Reduced costs – PEXA can help you to save on costs associated with traditional paper-based transactions, such as stamp duty and conveyancing fees.
  • No more paper! PEXA enables electronic lodgement and registration of documents, which means no more paper forms or queuing at the land registry office. This saves time and money and is more convenient for everyone involved in the transaction.
  • PEXA is designed to be user-friendly and easy to use, saving time and money on training costs.
  • PEXA offers a more efficient and secure way to conduct property transactions. By automating the process of exchanging information and documents between buyers, sellers, and their lawyers or conveyancers, PEXA speeds up the transaction process and reduces the risk of errors.

How does PEXA help conveyancers?

PEXA helps conveyancers on the Sunshine Coast by providing a secure online platform for the exchange of property-related documentation and payments. This includes contracts, title deeds, settlement statements and other essential documents. PEXA streamlines the conveyancing process by automating critical tasks and allowing all parties to collaborate online. This means that settlement can be achieved faster and with fewer delays.

Using PEXA, conveyancers can streamline the process, saving time and money.
PEXA also provides many other benefits for conveyancers, including:

  • A more efficient way to manage settlements
  • Reduced risk of errors and fraud
  • Greater transparency and visibility of settlements
  • The ability to track settlements in real-time

Overall, PEXA provides many advantages for both conveyancers and their clients. First, by using PEXA, settlements can be completed faster, with less risk of error or fraud.


Bush to Beach Legal use the PEXA platform to streamline your property settlement process. It’s a convenient and efficient way to manage settlements which means the stress is taken away from the conveyancing process.

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